Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm Back HOLLA :>

Hello , Miss me ? It's already been 6 month since i last post new story About comemot. she's gone now. my mom throw her away :'< I miss her always :> PMR is over so i'm free now. many things happen lately at school. i dont know what the problem is but it look like very serious. I dont want totalk about it again. just forget it, Sometimes it makes your heart feel very hurt. I hope they will be fine soon. So, I found my new biased lately , HAHAHA Cube's Artist. Eheheheh. New Group :I BTOB Lee Minhyuk. HE's so cute :D And ilove his smile. MAKe my heart melt Errrkk. Kinda weird with that line. Not suitable for me i think. Ehehehhe. SO , there's a rumor lately about L.Joe "L.Joe is dating with someone else" Okayy. It's Okay :< IT'S OKAY I SAID. SORRY :< I dont trust that rumour. JUst a rumour Pfft :I Okay .. Too much story to tell. but , need to go So enjoy and baii. Will update new song BYE ! See u soon <3

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